Repeat After Me… 10 Affirmations to Start Your Day

Want to manifest your best life?  Start your day off with these 10 powerful affirmations and start the pathway to your best life now!

1. Know that it takes courage and bravery to take on any task. Acknowledge your adventurous spirit. You have the ability to take on anything, a world of possibility awaits!



2. It is easy to be your own worst critic, repeat this affirmation when you feel you have lost your way. Refocus, and remember not to dwell in life’s hiccups.


3. No one can live your life, but you. YOU are the hero in your life journey! Go forth and conquer this day. Remember to celebrate your wins!


4. Release the negative talk that is hindering you from going forward. Push yourself past this moment and have gratitude for the lesson you learned.


5. You have written down your goals and there is no stopping you. Feel the feeling of accomplishment. Each step you take is moving you closer to your dream.


6. Have gratitude for everything around you and don’t forget to celebrate your successes. Big and small each has brought you closer to where you want to be.


7. Dream your biggest dream, with focus- nothing can stop you! Everything you have been through, everything you have learned has helped prepare you to accomplish what you need to do.


8. A world of possibilities awaits you and you are worthy of all the gifts this world has to offer!


9. Your choices have all lead to lessons that keep moving you closer to your goal


10. Each day is the perfect day, waiting for you to enjoy


Make sure to say each of these affirmations when you first wake up and periodically throughout your day.  Want to learn how supercharge these affirmations for maximum effectiveness and learn how to customize your own affirmations?


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