So if we explore the cycle of a usual diet, we might be able to find some places where failure rates tend to go high.  This gives us the power to intervene rather than be the victim of another failed diet.

Phase 1 is the very beginning.  Often about the first two weeks or so.

This is the easy part.

Your will power is strong, and easily overcomes old habits.  You can use even a weak “why” or purpose to just push through challenges.  This is the time you grab a new diet cookbook and start the plan.  It’s the time you join a gym or try to exercise a bit.

You may even start to see some results early on, and feel a bit good about yourself, which is awesome.

But, as this phase starts to draw towards an end, will power is beginning to lose its power, and excuses start popping into our heads to either skip exercise or start cheating on the diet.  

Will power is designed as a short term solution, and it will fail after a few weeks, so this is window, in Phase 1, to make some changes in unconscious patterns so that you can be successful and not need will power for ongoing success.

We’ll be back to talk about Phase 2 soon!