Notice for moment the image:  it shows what are called “strange attractors” from a type of mathematics called Chaos Theory.  which route does the energy take?

One popular idea from Chaos Theory is that of a butterfly gently moving it’s wings in Japan causing a series of events that leads to a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.  Not every butterfly causes this, of course.  But the right butterfly in the right situation, could be just the tiny little stimulus that with a lot of other chance events could lead to huge things at a distance.

There are those moments in a diet.  That choice one evening looking at the desert menu at that very thing you used to love.  

Will you make a choice to stay in your new healthy orbit?  And later work on the cravings that made the choice so hard?  Or will you perhaps briefly hop back unto the unhealthy orbit? [behavior]. 

Small choice, but either will start a cascade of different outcomes.  

Back before the diet, it wasn’t a choice, it was automatic.  Just part of a meal.  Now you know; but, the choice lingers.  

It’s so common to notice that after a small diet failure like this, the next thought inside is:  well; it’s over now so I can whatever I want the rest of the day.  Then the next morning the inner excuse is that since I messed up last night, there’s no reason to get back into the healthier diet.  “It’s ruined.”  Suddenly you’re back in the old orbit.  It feels so comfortable over there.  

It takes a much bigger effort and a much bigger choice to return to the diet the day after.  But a healthy choice without regret the night before just reinforces the orbit or the new habit or the new lifestyle of your diet.