Another area of forbidden medicine has for years been related to the use of electrical devices.  Electro-medicine was considered anathema to the AMA in the early to mid-20th century.  Promoting such could easily get sanctions placed upon any doctor, even if they were getting awesome results.  Allopathic Medicine decided its future was “better living through chemistry” which eventually led big Pharma to become the tail that wags the dog.

A few devices have snuck through into official use such as the TENS unit for chronic pain, and the Alpha-Stim device for anxiety and depression.  But for the most part, the electromagnetic qualities of every cell in the body were ignored for nearly a century.  German physicians in the early 1920s had already electrically confirmed acupuncture points had different electrical conductance than neighboring skin. . . . but that discussion goes too far afield.

A researcher from outside of medicine challenged this belief with his ideas on a new imaging system that could better view parts of the body than either X-rays, or CT scans [which are based on X-ray type technology].  

When he he discussed his ideas for a magnetic resonance imaging scan device [MRI] traditional physicians informed him that such was impossible.  He persevered and created this revolution in medical imaging.  It is perhaps the first device in medicine that actually uses quantum based technology.  It is simply based upon the ignored but physiological truth that each cell and organ has a unique electromagnetic frequency.

The only reason I think that the MRI didn’t create a complete paradigm change in medicine is that the images look not too different in many ways from CT scans, so the average viewer isn’t even aware of the implications of the technology.  Germany is even studying using those electromagnetic frequencies to create energy based treatments for cancer [which has a different frequency than healthy tissue].  Imagine exploding a blob of cancer with an electromagnetic wave that is so perfect it doesn’t touch neighboring cells at all.  American medicine is more interesting in expensive chemotherapy.  Better living through chemistry. . . . 

Western Medicine is deeply stuck in 19th Century materialism based upon the physics of Newton.  Although doctors carry cellphones that are based upon quantum physics of Einstein, they ignore anything from the quantum realm when it relates to humans.  The MRI should have changed that.

The brain has a number of structures already demonstrated to be affected by quantum level events:  protein enfoldment, microtubule interactions, synaptic cleft size [all noted by different authors].  But medicine still resists consideration of anything beyond the Newtonian.  

I am and will remain curious to see if and how we progress into an actual modern scientific intellectual understanding of medicine and health.  We sure aren’t there yet.  Dragging allopathy out of the 19th Century thinking remains a challenge which has no answers I can yet see.  And garbage terms like “evidenced based” simply keep us in the quagmire, because the people who decide evidence are wedded to biological materialism, which is the problematic status quo.  But perhaps we should at least remain a bit more open minded about new approaches instead of fighting against new understandings.  This is our myopic response to the new vesrions of Semmelweis, Galileo, and Einstein.  Perhaps better living through chemistry isn’t real healing.