When was the last time you had the amazing experience of a bunch of things just coming together easily and effortlessly?   Maybe it was project, or a work task you liked, or maybe some spilling over of creativity?

Recall that in that state results seem to have come almost automatically even when you weren’t thinking about them every second.

That state of mind that allowed those effortless results was a state of congruence at all levels: conscious and unconscious, psychological, social & spiritual.  

Kind of like having all of those parts harnessed together to get stunning results.

Assume for moment a general truth:  most of life at this moment, including weight, is a semi-tolerable compromise between levels and parts of you.  Consciously you might want to lose weight, but unconsciously you “know” it “protects” you because of some pattern started decades ago.

Moving towards weight goals can be just like that effortless task when every layer and part of you is congruent in outcome with all the layers and parts.  At that point resistance is gone, and reaching your goal just becomes a natural outcome from unified force.  

This is the simple reason why it is so important to explore each of those pieces and test yourself to make sure everything is congruent or aligned.  

Wouldn’t this make the idea of weight loss a bit easier and feel like a expansive self exploration rather than a hateful chore?