It might seem like a really obvious question. . . . “why do I want to lose weight?” Maybe so. But I doubt it. And here’s why. . . .
Ask yourself, what is it that you actually want? Is it to lose weight for its own sake? That’s not much of a motivation.
Maybe it’s health you’re looking for, or a reduction in aches and pains, or maybe you’re looking to reduce your risk of diabetes or heart disease.

Those are all admirable, but they’re not really powerful enough to stand up to a slice of cheesecake are they? Maybe the first time, but how about a month from now?

When you have your why, a lot of the hows will fall into place, and your resolve will last a lot longer.

One friend held his new-born grandbaby in his hand in that moment knew at the core of his being that he was going to see her graduate college while he was still healthy and vital. That WHY drove his eating and exercise habits and he dropped 30 pounds in just few months and kept them off for years.

Whys can be positive or negative. Another friend lost nearly 100 pounds and kept it off for years to avoid surgery. He doesn’t care for doctors!

Ask yourself what is YOUR WHY. Only you can find it. Only you know when you’ve found a strong enough why. Give this step the time and effort it truly deserves!

I know your first thought may be to get a gym membership or maybe grab a low-carb shake. But start with your Why. It will make all the difference when you are moving your diet into a comfortable lifestyle.