Frequent Self-Weighing and Visual Feedback for Weight Loss in Overweight Adults:

Check out this article.  It suggests that daily weighing helps lose weight and keep it off.  University of Minnesota and Cornell University.  

Here’s the key, though.  It looks like making a visual weight chart is one of the keys because looking at the line of your weight provides a visual feedback for you.  This direct information source then acts both as information and as a motivator as well.

I’ve often discussed not weighing daily during weight loss periods, but have found that daily weighing is key during maintenance.  My main objection to daily weighing in the weight loss zone is frustration over plateaus.  But this article is making me rethink that assumption.

Using weight as a feedback is part of a larger picture which may include BMI and clothes size.  It’s best to have multiple measures of success in case one of them stalls for awhile.  

As an example, if your BMI is dropping but your weight is stable, it just means you are building more muscle, which is actually quite good.  Measuring and knowing your BMI is dropping is quite important, because if you just saw the weight alone you might feel you were failing.