Something about your last diet failed you. . . .

It must have.  Otherwise you’d still happily be on it.  Right?  

Think back on that experience for a moment.  And realize that the reason, setting, and circumstances where your last diet failed you is a real goldmine of information.

We tend to like to completely ignore what we consider to be our failures.  Bury that under a rock somewhere in the back yard.

But learning what made our best plans fail is actually the key to changing the outcome.

Maybe you lost weight for a special event successfully, but that had no real reason, no burning “why” to keep the weight off.

Or maybe, you started to feel deprived when saw that food you crave.

Or maybe, because that scale didn’t change, some sense of despair made you wonder if it was really worth it.

Despair and Deprivation are two key emotions I’ve identified that lead to a diet failing you.  Even now I get really irritated when a few pounds sneaks back on.  Especially when I can’t figure out why.

But ask yourself, discover inside, what was it, where was it, how was it, why was it, and what emotions were driving you when that last diet failed.