The low fat diet propaganda started back in the 1970s and continues today, at least in a few groups of physicians and dieticians.  And even though a large number of us strongly support the ketogenic type diets, like Atkins and others, the public has become confused because what is “healthy” on low fat is certainly not healthy on keto.


So, what a new study from the CDC observed between 1999 and 2o18, the average weight, BMI, and waist size of Americans went up.  That’s will all the information, misinformation, and disinformation out there, combined with easy access to high sugar foods.


In fact, the average weight shot up more than 24 pounds between 1960 and 2000; and the trend continued:  in the last 20 years average weight is up another 9 pounds.  This means that the average person living in America today is at least 33 pounds heavier than they would have been in 1960.   And in the last 20 years another inch or two on average on the waistline.  


No wonder diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, and heart disease have risen.  


No doubt many different lifestyle changes have contributed to these numbers, but as an individual, you can beat these odds.  With just a few changes in diet, outlook, and alignment/congruence within yourself at all levels.