It is indeed so amazing to have the ability to find information on the internet in literally a millisecond.  

Things it would have taken days to track down in a library using library card stacks are at your fingertips in an instant.

It does remind me of a neat discussion, though, from Robert Anton Wilson; a brilliant thinker and philosopher with a great sense of humor.

He broke down the noise we see and hear as information, misinformation, and disinformation [along with some other stuff].

Nowhere is this more clear than when you try to look something up related to diet or health.  Every claim on a traditional site is mocked on alternative health sites, and the reverse.

I’ll give you few examples:

Information is often found on nutritional information websites, thinks like the number of calories or fat grams in a particular food.  Not real fascinating, but clear data.

An example of misinformation was a poor commenter on Social Media who said that we have to eat carbohydrates or the brain will starve.  He meant well; but was clueless.  The brain actually works quite well with ketosis based metabolism and no sugar at all!  If it didn’t the entire species of humans would have died centuries ago during times of poor harvest and low carb availability.

More nefarious, an example of disinformation was a study touted a few years ago that rats gained weight on a low carb diet.  What the author lied about was that he fed those rats double the calories [which was buried in a graph near the end].  That author and study were paid for by the sugar industry for the purpose of spreading lies based upon a poorly designed experiment. The real purpose was saving market share.

So it pays for, dear reader, to check information and use your critical mind to tear that information apart.  It is, after all, your health!