Interesting.  This is an image easily found with an online search, made with a “low carb” sign.  Really???  [I added the “not.”]

The only low carb fruits in this picture are the two berries:  strawberries and blueberries.  Everything else in this fruit salad is toxic for a keto or low carb diet.  You would use your daily allotment of carbs in the first two bites of breakfast.

But whoever made the image isn’t alone in a complete lack of understanding what a low carb diet actually consists of.  Every time I decline breakfast potatoes and toast, the server always asks if I’d prefer fruit.  They’re trying be helpful, but since they don’t know what you need, it means you have to know what is acceptable for your food choice.

So in the breakfast example; fruit is not OK, unless it is limited to berries.  And you certainly don’t want skim milk ever; you want heavy cream.  

Restaurant eating is reasonably easy as long as you really know your choices on whatever diet you are following.  A lot of friends ask me how I can find anything to eat on keto.  And I happily tell them that steak and lobster with creamed spinach is pretty easy to order and eat!  

Just know that you have to rely upon yourself to make those choices, because others who are trying to help probably don’t understand this type of diet at all.