So, you say that you want to lose weight?  

So take a minute and look at the forces at play.  

The government says that you should lose weight. . . . but their food pyramid guarantees weight gain and probably type 2 diabetes with all the basic carb intake.

Big Pharma loves for you stay overweight and suffer from all those weight related illness that require all kinds of expensive medications.  That’s how they make billions!  They can’t afford for you to be healthy.

How about your friends?  Surely they’re on your side.  Probably not so much.  If you start to feel great and look awesome, you’re going to make them look really bad. . . .  Maybe they’ll invite you over for desert to celebrate your success.

Of course your family is going to be on board with you getting fit and healthy.  They’re on your side.  Maybe.  Until you start to look a bit more sexy and your spouse and kids fear you may look “too good.”  Time to slow down that weight loss because they’re not feeling comfortable. . . . 

And have you seen a pot luck dinner at church?  That’s one of the “deadly sins” they’re pretty comfortable with if you notice the numbers of pies and cakes on the buffet line.  

And you thought a diet was the challenge.  That’s the easy part!  

None of this is a reason to give up.  But it is a reason to develop a really strong “WHY” for yourself.  It’s going to have to pull a load that will overcome all of that other stuff.