There are those foods that seem to call out to us.  Almost like they have some weird innate power to make us want them.  Think of a food that you maybe like too much and feel like you’d like to like a bit less. . . . 

You know the one. Or the several.

So one way to rapidly clear this out is the “Craving Killer” technique.

But if you love to see things changing the in brain.  A simple tapping technique called EFT has been shown to change brain activity to reduce cravings when thinking about that same food that right now you like too much.

Obviously the brain activity must be changing any time you lose a craving, but it is reassuring to see this as happening at a physical level after relatively little actual effort.  

We can thank Peta Stapleton, Ph.D., a psychologist in Australia for this amazing work.  The scan in the image shows areas of the brain which “lit up” when thinking about that food that you like too much.  Notice in the second image the areas no longer become active, meaning:  the craving is gone!  

Psychology changes biology.  You can choose to take your control back from those foods when you are ready to.