Confused about what diet is “best?” What do the food gurus say is healthy this week? Unfortunately it seems to constantly change. How can you choose what is best for you?

I personally know people who have lost in excess of 50 pounds on low fat diets, low carb diets, and simple total restriction diets.
There are details because each group has its unique challenges. Many low fat dieters will have to exercise a bit more each day to keep the weight off. Some low carb dieters get a temporary “keto flu.”

Although one reviewer dissed me for referring the major food groups as such [instead of calling them macronutrients], the truth is that you will have to cut calories AND reduce either carbs or fat. But we already know that, right?

Now if your doctor told you already to follow a particular diet, be sure and get some followup information from that person first!
But the simple truth is that the “best” diet for you is the diet you will follow most easily and effortlessly. Because if it’s intolerable you and I won’t follow it anyway.

I’ve found that for me a ketogenic diet of 20 net carbs maximum per day works wonders and not only supported my weight loss but also maintaining it for years. My wife, Alicia, on the other hand loves fruits and rice, so she follows a low fat diet and that works for her. Either of us would be miserable on the others’ diet.

So check out some sample recipes from several different diet books and see which you know you could live with long term. You’ll know. In an instant. And that is the “best” diet for you.

So that’s the rather psychological twist on the question. And next week, I’ll veer away from the diet and start into the real key. How you think about and feel about your diet and health.