Welcome to the New Mind New Body Blog. I’ll be bringing content and commentary about the art and science of transforming a diet into a lifestyle. But not just a lifestyle, a reality where you can feel full and satisfied with no sense of deprivation. That’s really the key.

When you feel deprived, your diet immediately fails you. So, what if you could make some choices that would put you in control of those feelings?
Really the power is alre

ady yours, but getting some tools to make it easy makes all the difference.

I’ll also review some studies as they come out, because there is a lot of both misinformation and disinformation out there.
This new perspective works with any diet you choose, but I will share that I have been most successful in using low carb [less than 20 net], also known now as ketogenic, for my weight loss, so most of my tips regarding diet itself will be from that diet style.

Very best wishes to you in your journey!

Dr. Greg